COVID-19 and the genesis of

The idea for has been germinating (!) in our minds for quite some time now – actually, for a few years, due to our personal life experiences. COVID-19 helped nudge this idea towards reality because we saw that the management of personal finances – rather, a lack of it – becomes front and center in these uncertain times.

We’ve been asking ourselves these questions:

  • Do we really know the full-picture of our personal finances?
  • Are our personal finances documented anywhere?
  • Do we know the “gaps” in our personal finances? Missing nominations on personal finance accounts, legacy/paper-based personal finance investments (from an era before!) that have disappeared from view, credit cards and loans which are reported as active on your CIBIL report but which you have no idea about, and more.
  • Have we planned our personal finances for “life resilience”?
  • Have we ensured personal finance continuity for our loved ones should anything unexpected happen to us?

The overwhelming answer is NO. Managing personal finances is always a task for another day that never comes!

From our own experiences as well as from others we posed these questions to.

As founders of and being extremely conversant with personal finances, we haven’t done this ourselves!

COVID-19 has laid this bare. There’s no question that this experience should make us sit up, take notice of our personal finances as it stands today, and start to manage it for the next bad day.

Our vision for is this:

A software-powered personal finance assistant to help you document your personal finances, identify and plug gaps in your personal finance completeness, and ensure personal finance continuity for your loved ones.

We humbly realize that this is a very bold mission statement and there will, no doubt, be many challenges as we execute upon this mission but we truly want to make a difference in everyone’s life by equipping you to manage your personal finances rather that letting it manage you.

Note: In case you’re wondering, sthana means position. And we want you to be in the best possible personal finance position.


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