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Not too young to buy life insurance for securing your family? Definitely too young to document your financial assets and liabilities and share it with your family? How would your family know about your finances when you are gone?
Our app KUTUMBA is transparent.

Our app KUTUMBA doesn't ask for or store your "Sensitive Personal Finance" information.
What do you think of maintaining your entire family finances in one place as one KUTUMBA?
Are you still maintaining your financial assets in spreadsheets/hard copies?
Is your family aware of all your finances in one secure place?
Does your family have access to your finances in case of a life/health emergency?

Our AI-powered personal finance app KUTUMBA will let you risk-proof your family’s personal finances. as one UNIT one KUTUMBA.  

              Uncovers the unknown unknowns on your financial assets. Example how many of us are aware of the FREE insurance on our credit/debit                        card  to FREE wallet insurance on our e-wallets,

              Provides a 1-click automatic fix for all identified risks and gaps. Using our app you would be able to fix those issues with 1-click right away                      from changing nomination to making your kutumba aware of the benefits on the financial assets you have.

              Enables secure and trusted relationship-based access to your financial assets should you ever face a health or life emergency.

              You have control of who is able to view your financial information. Example your health insurance information maybe shared to your entire                        kutumba but sensitive information can be shared with parents/spouse etc.