STHANA means "To position"

Our mission at sthana.ai is to perfectly position your personal finances in order to ensure its clarity, security, and continuity for your loved ones.

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Not too young to buy life insurance for securing your family? Definitely too young to document your financial assets and liabilities and share it with your family? How would your family know about your finances when you are gone?

Meet Apaara

Let Apaara, our AI advisor, run her magical IQ on your personal finance portfolio & find and fix problems automagically while you enjoy a cuppa!

Apaara is astonishingly good at figuring out what you don’t know about your own personal finances! Using a proprietary personal finance data schema, Apaara can quickly identify the missing pieces in your personal finances - things that you didn't know that you didn’t know! That's pure magic.

Inheritance and succession planning are Apaara’s forte. You can customize your succession plan to your liking and finally select from a range of trusted brands/services for creating your registered e-Will. You also have the option of storing everything in a range of trusted digi-lockers and facilitate easy yet secure access by your family.


We never get tired of saying this enough times: “You spend a lifetime in earning it but not even a minute in securing it!”

Should something unfortunate happen to you, you definitely wouldn’t want your family running from pillar to post just because they have no idea about the family finances.

That employer-provided health insurance you had, that life insurance you had, that retirement account with a lifetime of savings you had, it’s of no use if your family has no idea that your even had it.

It’s a very unfortunate situation but sadly true for almost all of us.

Start documenting all of your personal finance assets in one secure place. And yes, we know its a BIG mess – even for us!

Where do we even start…

  • Bank accounts, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, debit cards, credit cards, health insurance policies, life insurance policies, retirement planning policies, real estate holdings, physical gold, virtual gold, brokerage accounts, equities, mutual funds, pension accounts, public provident fund, employee provident fund, home loans and mortgages, vehicle loans, personal loans, personal identification cards, and so much more!

Our intelligent surveys will guide you smoothly through this process. We make this mess smartly manageable.

Our smart AI Advisor tool will automagically identify and fix the gaps and risks in your personal finance portfolio so that your loved ones never have to run from pillar to post.

Security is one thing that we ourselves are paranoid about. Data encryption at rest, multi-factor authentication (MFA), DigiLocker services are just some of the mechanisms that we use to ensure security, safety, and trust of data.

We promise to never access your personal data and share it with third-parties. After all, we use our own software and we would never want anyone else to access it.

Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Want to go one step further and setup your e-Will or succession and estate plan? No problem, we’ve got that covered with our professional services and customizable templates. We use very strong encryption methods and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure the safety, security, and trust of data in transit.

Our software has been designed keeping you in mind and it works on any device that you own. Seamlessly switch to our software across your devices.

What we're thinking at sthana.ai

Spent a lifetime in earning it but not even a minute in securing it?

We’re sure that you will agree that most of us spend our individual lifetime in the pursuit of increasing economic gains and in the amassing of personal finance assets all with the objective of ensuring financial security for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our dependents

How young is too young to make a will?

Short answer: You’re never young enough to make a will! It’s a simple question really. God forbid, if something unfortunate were to happen to you, would you rather ensure a smooth financial continuity for your loved ones and dependents or would you rather that they go through hardship and run from pillar to post claiming […]

What we learned from COVID-19?

14 percent of COVID-19 patients who died were less than 45 years, 34.8 percent were 45-60 years, 42 per cent were 60-75 years, 9.2 percent were over 75 years. This means that 48.8 percent of those who died were aged less than 60 years. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/covid-19-coronavirus-deaths-india-age-6388085/ As we read these statistics, it left us wondering


Where do you stand on the personal finance scale?

We spend a lifetime in the pursuit of ever increasing economic and financial gains but we seldom spend a minute in ensuring its clarity, security, and accessibility for our loved ones and dependents.

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Do we have your attention?
Would you like to embark on this journey with us?


sthana.ai offers simple and intuitive software products to guide you on this journey. Backed by our strong expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, our software-powered personal finance assistants will help you to identify and document your personal finance assets, identify the gaps and risks in ensuring their continuity, take simple, specific, and actionable steps in addressing the gaps and risks, and finally to plan and complete estate and succession planning.

We’re super excited about this very ambitious mission and we are delighted to be on this journey with you.