How young is too young to make a will?

Short answer: You’re never young enough to make a will!

It’s a simple question really. God forbid, if something unfortunate were to happen to you, would you rather ensure a smooth financial continuity for your loved ones and dependents or would you rather that they go through hardship and run from pillar to post claiming what is rightfully and financially theirs?

When you’re earning, young, and carefree, making a will is most certainly the last thing on your mind. “A will? No, it’s not for me, certainly not at this age!” is the usual line of thought. Unfortunately, that line of thought continues through the years as you age and you have family and dependents.

Perhaps you bought your own house, picked up a big ticket home loan for that purchase, and forgot to back it up with adequate loan-linked life insurance. You also forgot to make a will and then one day, out of the blue, God forbid, something unfortunate happens to you! Just imagine the plight of your dependents and loved ones…without that will!

We all know someone who has been through such a situation, we sympathise with them, and yet, we don’t take action ourselves…because, remember, “A will? No, it’s not for me, certainly not at this age!”

Through, we have a big ambition to change everyone’s thinking about managing their personal finances. Have a home loan without backing it up with life insurance? Our smart algorithms will nudge and guide you towards securing that (i.e. what’s the best option for you that’s currently available in the market). Haven’t made a will? No worries, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

Stay tuned as we launch our product very soon!

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