Meet Apaara!

Meet Apaara!

Our super smart sthana.AI advisor who graduated from Mensa! 😉

Let Apaara run her magical IQ on your personal finance portfolio & find and fix problems automagically while you enjoy a cuppa!

Apaara is astonishingly good at figuring out what you don’t know about your own personal finances! Using our proprietary personal finance data schema, Apaara can quickly identify the missing pieces in your personal finances – things that you didn’t know that you didn’t know!

Consider this: Did you know that your credit card comes with insurance for accidental death, medical emergencies, and lost card liabilities? You would if you had read those terms and conditions printed in microscopic font size and dispatched with your credit card…but most of us simply toss that into the dustbin. It’s just one of those things that we don’t know that we don’t know and that most of us will never know!

Or this: Do you remember that your savings account is linked to several government-provided health and life insurance schemes? The premiums for these schemes are extremely low and very easily escapes notice – the amounts are very low and, by nature, you seldom pay attention to such very small ticket once-a-year expenses.

Using her deep knowledge and exemplary IQ, Apaara is astonishingly great at automagically fixing the missing pieces in your personal finances. In the rare exception that an automatic fix is impossible a wizard guides you in completing that fix.

Apaara deep mines the personal finance web and has an unmatched knowledge base when it comes to anything related to personal finance.

For example, add your bank account and Apaara immediately asks you if a nomination has been registered for that bank account. If you haven’t, Apaara immediately digs into her knowledge base, pulls out the process for your bank, and automatically registers the nomination that you chose if your bank supports it online. Apaara can open and fill-up a web form automatically and ask you to just click submit or open and fill-up a PDF automatically and email it to your bank. The time that you save is really mind boggling.

Next, if you add your credit card and Apaara immediately digs into her knowledge base to see if your credit card includes life insurance, medical insurance, and liability insurance. If it does those details are automatically added into your credit card record.

With a large repository of legally-vetted estate and succession planning templates, Apaara is the perfect and sagely advisor to get you started on your inheritance and succession planning journey. Simple or complex, Apaara has it covered.

Inheritance and succession planning are Apaara’s forte. You can customize your succession plan to your liking and finally select from a range of trusted brands/services for creating your registered e-Will. You also have the option of storing everything in a range of trusted digi-lockers and facilitate easy yet secure access to your family.

Stay tuned as we introduce Apaara very very soon!

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