Spent a lifetime in earning it but not even a minute in securing it?

We’re sure that you will agree that most of us spend our individual lifetime in the pursuit of increasing economic gains and in the amassing of personal finance assets all with the objective of ensuring financial security for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our dependents.

But how many of us actually spend even a few minutes in securing that lifetime of effort for our loved ones and for our dependents?

  • Do your loved ones and dependents even know what personal finance assets exist in your name?
  • Do they know how they can access these assets should something unfortunate happen to you?
  • Do they know how they can liquidate these assets and ensure their financial security?
  • How easy have you made it for them to achieve all of the above steps?

Here’s an example:

That home which you dreamed of as you worked hard for many years, which you purchased with a big home loan, and then worked harder for many years more to pay that loan off…what happens if you don’t have succession planned for it?

In our opinion, there really is no point in spending a lifetime in amassing personal finance assets only to have your loved ones and dependents unable even to access a portion of it when they need it most!

Sadly, this is the state of things for most of us today.

With sthana.ai, we want to change that status quo of thinking, planning, and taking action. We want to ensure that your lifetime of hard work does not result in your loved ones and dependents facing financial hardship at a time when they really don’t need to!

With sthana.ai, we will help you:

  • Inventory all of your personal finance assets. Our smart questionnaires will smartly guide you through this process.
  • Collect the details for each of your personal finance assets.
  • Our AI-advisor will then run its algorithms and come up with an action list for you to act upon. In this step you will start to address the gaps in your personal finance assets. We won’t overwhelm you with a list of a hundred things to do…rather will will focus on just one action until it is completed.
  • Our AI-advisor will then guide you towards estate or succession planning using our repository of legally-vetted templates.
  • At any time, should you have a question on any aspect of personal finance you can interact with our AI-powered assistant who will simplify all of the financial complexities for you.

Stay tune as we lauch sthana.ai very shortly!

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