What we learned from COVID-19?

14 percent of COVID-19 patients who died were less than 45 years, 34.8 percent were 45-60 years, 42 per cent were 60-75 years, 9.2 percent were over 75 years. This means that 48.8 percent of those who died were aged less than 60 years.


As we read these statistics, it left us wondering:

  • Had anyone expected such a day to come in their lives out of the blue? Had they prepared themselves and their families financially for such a day?
  • How about their loved ones and dependents? Not only do they have to cope with the magnitude of loss but at the same time they have to prepare themselves for the unavoidable eventuality of inheritance matters and personal finance continuity.
  • Had they documented their personal finance assets in detail, fixed the gaps in their personal finance assets (that would lead to a smooth inheritance or transfer of these personal finance assets), made a will, and informed their loved ones and dependents about it?

We suspect that the answer to each of these questions is a “very unlikely”.

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